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Mother Yourself: How to Write a Transformative Birth Story

March 20th, 2018

May 20th, 2018— Date added at Ha Yoga & Life Studio in Tempe, AZ

Mothers who write know two truths: 1) Your birth experience changes your life.  2) Writing gives you the power to weave meaning into your story. In this workshop, you’ll learn the secrets to writing an empowering account of your birth. Craft a story to save as a keepsake for your child. Or confront your challenging labor and transform it into a place power. Recounting your birth story will help you capture a memorable and lasting narrative.

How to Start a Writing Habit While Mothering

April 24th, 2018

Journaling 3 pages a day? Writing in the morning? Who has the time? If you want to write, you’ll need a consistent writing habit. But that doesn’t have to mean disrupting your family life to carve out some impossible writing fantasy. In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to establish a regular writing practice that gets your words flowing without neglecting your mom duties.

How to Be Your Own Editor: Learn the Tips & Tricks of Self-Editing

May 22nd, 2018

Got some writing on a page, but not sure what to do next? You’re not alone. There’s plenty of writing inspiration out there, but not much that details the editing process. Whether your writing copy for your website, beginning a blog, or crafting your first draft for a memoir or novel, you’ll need to learn these six self-editing techniques. This workshop will help you gain the confidence to launch your website or submit your work to publishers and agents.

Creating Great Content: Writing Web Copy that Sells

June 26th, 2018

If you worry about the words on your website, this class is for you. We’ll spell out all you need to know about copy. What it is and how to create it. We’ll also teach you how to identify the top 5 copy mistakes your competitors are making that you can avoid. Learn simple copy tricks to turn you into a leading voice in your industry and speak directly to your niche market.