A Creative Writer Constructs a Website


I've been a writer as long as I can remember. I get it. I know story structure, plot lines, and character analysis. I was a damn English teacher! But this web stuff is a different animal.

Do you ever feel like this? 

"Write a blog," they said.

So, I did.

And the blog turned into a website and the website turned into a business and the business needed copywriting. It was my own version of  "there was an old lady who swallowed a fly..."  Never ending... and death seemed inevitable. 

But once I got into the flow, it wasn't so bad. A piece of copy here, a change of wording there. And nobody even bit the big one. Not me or the old lady. 

Today, I'm finding even more ways to infuse creativity into my copy. There's a learning curve and a time component right up front. But I think learning to write in small chunks and writing words that sell is helping all my writing. It's certainly a way to write while the baby's napping. 

What about you? Do you get stuck trying to be creative in your copy?

We'd love to hear how you move from creative writing to website copy.