Is it Time to Start a New Practice?


Feeling in a rut? Maybe it's time to make room for something new.  

Starting a writing practice has been scientifically proven to have key benefits for your mental health. And writing and sharing your work in a supportive environment can amplify those benefits. 

We've been working hard at building writing workshops that address issues many moms face like trauma during the birth process or in a miscarriage, managing postpartum depression and the daily isolation of mothering, along with business writing for work at home moms. And we've been so happy to hear great feedback about the spiritual and emotional impact writing can have on motherhood. 

We are so excited to announce our first Narrative Nest Writing Critique Group coming this Saturday, May 26th at 1pm. Sign up for details, if you haven't already. 

This group is for anyone who wants to give and receive feedback on the writing process. We'll open this month's meeting with our topic: Getting the Most Out of a Critique Group. So if you've never had a critique group experience and want to take your writing to the next level, or even just get started with the writing process, we'd love to have you join us.