A Look Inside Our Rebranding Cocoon


This past few months, the Narrative Nest has been undergoing some major transformations. Think metamorphic rock under the surface of the Earth. Okay, that’s hyperbole. But we have shifted our scope and our style.

If you don’t yet know, our monthly in-person group is meeting at The Hive in Downtown Phoenix now. This is a perfect opportunity for women to get together in the heart of Phoenix and form community. You can catch our host Devin there on the second Saturday of each month from 1-3pm. Come share your writing and get feedback in a respectful, cozy all-woman environment.

As for me, I’ve been in hibernation mode. Not as keen on crawling out of my cave, I’m tinkering behind the scenes and hosting meetings virtually. I started a weekly accountability group to connect members who couldn’t meet in-person. This was particularly good for Emily, a Narrative Nester who had to move to upstate New York when her husband took a new job. She’s been joining us from two time zones over ever since.

Our goal was simple: a weekly writing check-in. But soon our accountability meetings stopped focusing on accountability.

They became so much more…

I’d open a group meeting with the intent of taking 15 minutes to discuss our writing plans and projects, but we’d talk for an hour. The topics covered the business of being a writer. We discussed platform building, marketing, social media, blogging, monetizing a website, SEO… the list went on and on.

Light bulb.

I’ve canceled all our accountability groups for the remainder of the year. I need to crawl into our rebranding cocoon and consider a new angle. When we return in the New Year, we will be less accountability, more think tank for the business of writing.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you are serious about your writing, you have some of the best access to writing know-how in Phoenix. If you take advantage of all the Narrative Nest has to offer, you could join us for 2 hours of critique group feedback + 4 hours of marketing/branding for your blooming writing career a month. Free.

What are you waiting for?

We’ll see you in the New Year!