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You're a mom. And moms have stories. Lots of stories. Pregnancy woes. Labor horrors. Adoption successes. Kid adventures. Shipwreck fantasies about kid-free remote desert islands where waterfalls flow with wine...

Whether you're an adoring parent itching to record your family history, a new momblogger, a teacher with a novel waiting to be born, or a professional author trying to write around your rugrats, we've got space for you.

We're the Narrative Nest. 

A supportive monthly writing group for all kinds of moms and all kinds of writers. Facilitated by two professional writers with kids, we promise a cozy critique group for both the newbie writer and seasoned professional. We'll also cover topics like building a writing habit, self-editing techniques, choosing to write fiction vs. nonfiction, your author's website, social media skills, getting published, and more. 

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Behind the Nest

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Devin Pope


A graduate of the Walter Cronkite Journalism School, Devan recently created a full service boutique studio for content direction & copywriting at KindredWord.com. Mom to Henry & Sylvia, she reads poetry in her free moments.

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The Nest

A Cozy Critique Group

A monthly meeting for writing moms. Heavy on the words, light on the "momness." If you think you fit into this category, you do. Join us to share your work and get constructive feedback in a supportive environment.

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Blissom Booblé


English teacher, travel writer, & burlesque performer turned developmental editor, Blissom has created a suite of self-editing tools for writers at TheNakedPage.com. Mom to Zuzu, she loves reading quirky memoirs & vintage DIY manuals.

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What's a writing critique group? And how is the Narrative Nest unique? Find the answers to all your questions here.


I am sure that if mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars.

— E.M. Forster, Howard's End


Writing Workshops

Wanna learn to write your birth story? Or just need inspiration for your website copy? Take one of our live writing workshops.