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Is this a mom's group?

No, not exactly. Our facilitators are both moms to small children, but we're mainly a writing critique group. Anyone who identifies with motherhood and also enjoys writing is welcome to join us. 

At the Nest, you'll be (gently) encouraged to share your writing and you'll receive constructive criticism to help improve your craft. 

Whether you have biological, adopted, or foster kids, or you are a teacher or someone who spends time mentoring children of any age, you may find a kinship with our group. 

Grandmothers and guardians are also welcome to attend. 

We leave it to you to define your "momness."

I need copywriting for my website. Is The Critique Group for me?

Probably not. We are a group of writers who are eager to connect with other writers. If you need online content & business solutions, our critique group probably isn't the best fit for you... unless you have a secret stash of poetry hiding in your desk. 

But if you own a small business and are looking for copywriting services, we can help. Both of the Narrative Nest's facilitators are professional writers with copywriting experience.

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Devin provides full service content strategies and copywriting tailored for your specific business needs. 

Blissom is working on a series of self-service editing products including templates, worksheets, and workbooks to help you DIY your writing. 

Reach out to us for our rates. 

I've been to other writing groups. How is The Nest different?

There's no fear here. Think of our group as writing coaching. While we do provide thoughtful feedback to help you hone your craft as a writer, we aren't interested in ripping your stories apart. Blissom worked as Rosemary Daniell's assistant, one of the world's top writing coaches. Her writing group Zona Rosa is one of the longest running critique groups for women writers in the United States. 

You will never be forced to share anything. We also have guidelines for giving constructive feedback. 

In short, we are committed to you finding support among like-minded women and for you to gain tools that help you produce better writing or get publish. 

What is a critique group?

All writing critique groups have their own guidelines. Some are only for memoir writers; others are strictly for fiction writers. In some groups, you are required to share and you can expect to get some aggressive criticism. 

At the Nest, our rules are simple: 1) Come to a meeting. 2) Bring any writing you've been working on-- poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir, magazine articles, etc. 3) Share 2-3 pages of material with us (or don't, you can opt out of any group sharing) 4) Get constructive critiques from other writers. 5) Share your writing successes, goals, deadlines, and tips. 6) Encourage, and support the women around you.

How often do you meet? Is there a fee to join?

We are a monthly, in-person critique group. We meet in a central location for 2-3 hours usually the second Saturday of each month. 

Location & Dates TBA in our newsletter and email alerts.

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There is no fee to join because we function as a peer critique group. If we find writers are looking for a more professional review of their work, we may add an additional fee-based group. There is also potential for an online critique group. Please drop in, you could help us shape the future of the group based on your interests.

Do I have to be a published author to join? What kind of writer should I be?

Absolutely not. We are open to any level of writer, including brand spanking new wordsmiths. But even professional, published writers will find the group's support structure helpful.

This is a safe space. We won't tolerate any type of discrimination, bullying, or harassment within our group. What you will find is honest, thoughtful critiques on how you can make your writing better. This foundation serves to ensure we meet the needs of the newbie writer and seasoned professional, alike.

We usually have a mix of writers: poets, memoirists, and fiction writers. Any kind of creative writing that you'd like to get peer critiques on is fine to bring to the group.

Should I come to a workshop or the Critique group?

Why not try out both? Our monthly critique group & most events are currently free for all attendees. In our critique group, the focus is on you—sharing your work & getting constructive feedback for better writing. In our workshops, Devin & Blissom will deconstruct a writing approach you can apply as an author or better your business skills . 


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